Thursday, November 10, 2011

what is the best network marketing company?

Question by Vickie: what is the best network marketing company?
How do I find people that can afford an investment of $ 1500.00 for an online business?

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Answer by Karen
Hi Vicki,

Yikes! That seems high! I know that is a lot less than starting up a traditional business, but with Network marketing you are normally approaching people that would never consider starting a traditional business. So their mindset may think $ 1500.00 is a high start up.

I think with network marketing you need to keep it simple. It is a game of copy cat. You need to be clear on starting your own business so that you can be clear when showing others how to do the same.

Network marketing is a GREAT business for anyone that is willing to learn new skills. As you know if can really help people earn an extra income on their own terms. Each person has to find the Network Marketing Company that is right for them. They are all different.

I wish you the best if you stick with the company you mentioned here, but you may want to look at a few before starting.

Normally a good company will have a small start up cost of just a couple hundred dollars at the most. You should not have to keep inventory. Any training they offer should be free or the cost should only be to cover their cost for putting on the training. Pick a company that offers a product or service that people really need again and again. Better yet a product or service that people already use…so that you are only asking them to switch the place they purchase this product or service…not have to purchase something new. This will make sales easier and you will have clients that are repeat shoppers..your network will grow faster. Vitamins, Lotion, Shampoo….those types of things.

Remember you have to believe in the product or service you are offering, but it does not have to be your passion. (not your passions but a better gig than a regular job) Network Marketing Income provides the means so you can then go after the things you are passionate about.

I hope my thoughts have helped.

If you would like to learn more about the company I work with, email me through my profile here.

Take care,

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