Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Purchasing Network Marketing Leads vs Generating You Own

Article by Andrew Moss

There is so much confusion in the Network Marketing world concerning the purchasing of Network Marketing opportunity leads, as appose to generating your own leads. First, let us define the term Network Marketing leads. Leads are defined as prospects or persons demonstrating their interest in a particular business opportunity or venture. Every business opportunity needs Leads to succeed, or to be successful. Without Leads or prospects, no MLM or business opportunity will survive. Leads or prospects are the lifeline of any business venture, especially Network Marketing.

There are so many so call lead suppliers companies in the Network, Internet Marketing world. Some legitimate, some not trust worthy at all. Some Lead suppliers will say to you that the leads that they sell to you are not oversold. In other words, they say that when you purchase Leads from their company, the Leads are only sold two times, and you will never receive the same Leads as the person in the same MLM company as you, but how do you know that this is true? You have no way of knowing.

Let us investigate the way these so call Network Marketing Leads are generated. First of all, the Leads are generic and persons opting into the lead capture pages, of the Lead generating companies, are not always business opportunity seekers. Some of the Leads are persons visiting Travel Agencies websites attempting to book vacations, and have no interest in Network Marketing at all. These persons are offered some kind of free gift, or other opportunities they can’t refuse, in exchange for their names and email addresses. The lead generating companies use techniques like pop ups, squeeze pages and float in lead captures page techniques, to capture name and email addresses, of site visitors. This technique is very effective.

I remembered the day I purchase my first batch of Network Marketing Generic leads. I was so excited. I begin to work my self down the list calling prospects after prospects, with no success at all. I felt so defeated. Some prospect hung up on me, others asked me where did I receive their contact information from. They informed me that they have no recollection of filling out any forms on the Internet, with their contact information. I remembered getting up from the living room table and going into the bedroom very disappointed, only to meet my wife who asked me why I looked so sad and disappointed. All I could say to her was that everything was okay. There is so much pain, rejection and disappointment associated with calling Leads.

If you are part of a MLM company, purchasing generic Network Marketing Leads might not be the best way to go. Is it duplicable? I do not think it is because everyone is not good at cold calling prospects, or Leads. It will work for some, but not for all. We know that duplication is the key to any MLM. Having a system in place to generate your own Leads is duplicable. If you want to find our how to generate your own leads using a very effective duplicable system, please follow the link in my resource box..

When you generate you own Leads, you only attract prospects that have a genuine interest in Network Marketing. You be the judge. Purchasing generic Network Marketing leads or generating your own, which one is better?

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Network Marketer. Working in the field of Network Marketing for approximely three years. Tried several MLM but eventually located the right one. Please visit my website for Free e-mail followup series. Email series will teach you the basics of generating your own Leads.

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