Saturday, November 12, 2011

Making the Most of a Network Marketing Opportunity

Article by Brian Garvin And Jeff West

There is a stat that is doing the rounds on the internet about network marketing. The statistic is that around 97 percent of the people who go for a network opportunity actually end up failing and falling out. This means that only 3 percent are able to make something of thenetwork marketing opportunity that is presented to them. The reason for this is not that marketing is a hard nut to crack; it just means that people do not know how to make it come alive in their hands.

Making the most of a network marketing program has to do with knowing the right techniques and methods of not only getting enough marketing leads but to also be able to convert them appropriately. Online marketing is one of the best methods for generating leads and converting them simply because of the kind of reach that it affords to the network marketer. Consider the following online ways through which you can make the most of your network marketing opportunity.

1. Establish websites and blogs: The website or blog that you create would be the face of what you represent. It would also be a way for you to communicate with your potential audience in terms of the details of the network opportunity that you are providing and relevant information. Moreover, you can even use these pages to market your network marketing programs to your visitors, provided you couch your sales message in important and relevant content.

2. Use auto responder forms: Auto responders would allow you to not only invite visitors to provide you with their emails but also get in touch with them through automated procedures. The purpose of the automated responder is for you to keep in touch with your potential leads till they actually convert into one of your downstream links. However, you need to make sure that you only do this through relevant information and not spam-like emails because this will result in an immediate evaporation of the lead.

3. Establish a social networking presence: Websites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are the new rage of the internet. Almost every individual on the internet has one or more accounts on these social networking websites. Resultantly, they become the perfect source for you to not only get your marketing leads but also convert them into downstream links. The existence of social networking means that you would find it easier to take advantage of your network marketing opportunity.

4. Utilize offline techniques: The conventional method of making the most of a network opportunity is still applicable in the modern world today, despite what many people think. A single phone call can go a long way in you turning a low priority lead into a very interested downstream link. The reason for this is simply the personal touch that a phone call provides as against an email. Just like this, you should use all the other offline network marketing techniques to turn your marketing opportunity into a success story that is worth telling a million times over.

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