Friday, October 21, 2011

What's Wrong With Network Marketing Opportunities?

Article by Charles T Chege

As a business opportunity network marketing is beginning to turn the corner in terms of public acceptance. However there still is a high failure rate with this business model. Let’s analyze a few things that make network marketing opportunities continue to fail for those who do not correctly work them.

1. Many network marketing opportunities are built around products that are not worth the money they are charged for. This is especially true in nutritional supplement products.

Oftentimes hype is associated with the quality of the product, but in reality the price is inflated to provide commissions for the several different levels associated in the compensation plan.

2. Distributors do not personally get attached to the products they promote. The tendency is to promote the opportunity and not the product line.

This works fine initially when people are excited about making money. However when that excitement dies off people tend to quit because they don’t have any strong feelings about the product.

3. Network marketers are asked to do things that they are not comfortable doing. To build a successful network marketing business you have to enjoy networking with people.

For the average person this is not a normal thing to do especially in the business world. Therefore they fail when they are not able to develop a core group of networkers who build their business for them.

4. Network marketing relies on product being moved. This means purchasing the product for wholesale, or selling the product at retail.

Retailing products is something that seems to be hard for people to do therefore they never get a group of customers purchasing products from them. In reality this should be one of the selling points for a network marketing opportunity because retailing products can be very profitable.

5. The average person never sponsors more than a couple of distributors into their business. Because of the high failure rate retention in a network marketing business is hard to achieve. Unless you are a superstar in sponsoring you will never build a large group because you never personally enroll enough people to jumpstart your downline.

Having said all of this the Internet itself is becoming a huge part of the success of average people in network marketing. As long as you are representing quality products for a company you can build a substantial network marketing business without ever leaving your home. If people will learn basic Internet marketing skills they can not only sell products online, but they can also recruit distributors and build a large downline.

This is now making it possible for an average person to join multiple network marketing opportunities and succeed where they could not have done so in the past.

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