Thursday, October 27, 2011

Are Free Network Marketing Leads Worth It?

Article by Brian Garvin & Jeff West

No one likes to run their business with unnecessary costs. This is why it becomes prudent to trim the fat. In short, if you can cut out expenditures you should do so. But, you really need to only do this with those expenditures you can definitely do without. With a network marketing business, you need leads.

Without leads, you cannot succeed with your business. You won’t be pulling anyone into the network if you do not have leads to contact. Yet, this does raise questions regarding whether or not costs can be cut with leads. For many, free network marketing leads are one way to go. These free network marketing leads have their benefits as well as their negatives.

The obvious benefit is that they do not have any cost. If you make a profit from them then you are making pure profit. You were not locked into having to purchase the leads in order to use them. And, quite honestly, some purchased leads end up being worth very little either. Granted, you probably will not get all that many “dud” leads when you purchase from a high quality lead provider.

With free network marketing leads, you probably will find a lot of low quality leads as part of the mix. Free leads will commonly not be of the highest quality. They may frequently be comprised of people that showed interest in being solicited by a network marketer in the past.

Does this mean they will affiliate with you when you contact them? Well, that can all depend upon your own personal skills with being persuasive. Someone that is tremendously persuasive can draw in a seemingly weak lead and someone with poor persuasion skills can potentially sink things with a great lead.

However, whether the person is good or bad with persuasive skills, both would benefit working with good leads. Are free network marketing leads able to deliver on this? Generally, they are not the best resource to employ to build your network marketing campaign. They are recommended to work with but they are not advised to work with exclusively.

In other words, a network marketing business needs to properly invest in acquiring the right amount of leads in order to prove profitable. That means buying quality leads. Yet, it is also advisable to acquire free network marketing leads whenever and wherever you can. They don’t hurt but they can prove to be quite frustrating if they are the only leads you are using. When they are tempered with solid leads then their value becomes a bit more evident.

Namely, this is because you do not get so annoyed with free network marketing leads when they do not deliver the desired outcome. You could consider their use part of a “hope spot” where you seek to land additional business without an expansive investment. Again, it is worth a try but you should not get too hung up on whether or not they will provide any results. Are free network marketing leads worth it? In their own limited way, yes…with reservations.

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