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New CRM Designed Specifically For Network Marketing Ripples The Waves In This Growing Business

New CRM Designed Specifically For Network Marketing Ripples The Waves In This Growing Business

FIITFU – Fortune is in the Follow Up

Burnaby, Britsh Columbia (PRWEB) August 16, 2011

Customer Relationship Management programs (CRM's) are rapidly growing and considered big business. Now there is a "new fish in the big pond" to watch. This latest CRM is especially worth a closer look.

Created with a specific niche in mind, FIITFU CRM Solutions(Fortune Is In The Follow Up) was designed for network marketing professionals and businesses that can benefit from CRM's.

FIITFU is the brainchild of network marketer Mary-Jane Mehlenbacher. She originally developed the FIITFU software out of frustration with her own disorganization. Mehlenbacher collaborated with top leaders in the network marketing industry to invent a tool that would drive success while alleviating much of the "downline" mentoring work in their MLM company of choice.

"I found myself constantly looking for files, and never having time to file my clients" says Mehlenbacher. "What I needed was one tool that would efficiently and effectively collect, sort and save all my information. FIITFU is the result, and I want to share it with others to help them take control of their businesses as well."

FIITFU was soft launched on May 1, 2011, FIITFU is already fulfilling the needs of home-based business owners and has garnered impressive feedback. Studies show 80% of sales take place after the fifth contact (and less than half of sales people don’t bother to follow up), it's no wonder that CRM's are becoming such a big business, and FIITFU is a new choice for those in Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing.

FIITFU was built by a network marketing industry leader for future network marketing industry leaders. Mehlenbacher knows the issues that needed to be addressed—and she addressed them. Fiitfu tracks hostess information and guests, sales from parties, samples given out, costing of samples for end of the year tax purposes and so much more.

You can visit to learn more, and explore the software with their free trial.

About us: Fiitfu was developed by network marketing professionals for network marketing professionals. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program that fulfills the specific needs of those in direct sales, network marketing or multi level marketing. A web based program accessible from any device with internet access, Fiitfu allows you to stay organized when you are on the go, or in your home office.



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