Saturday, July 9, 2011

Why Top Network Marketing Companies Compensation Plan and Products are Not The Most Important Factor in your Home Business Success

Article by Jay Allyson

Top network marketing companies promote their “opportunity” on the basis of their compensation plan, that is how you earn money, and/or their product range, what you will be marketing. While both these are important, I would advise against choosing a network marketing company just based on the money or the products. All of them will say theirs is the best plan, the best products and the best team. All of them will try to sway you with life-changing testimonials. Many of the plans are sound and people do make money. And many of the products are really superb, some of which I still consume years after I left the company. There are so many opportunities to choose from, your best bet is to pick at least on the basis of your personal interest and try the product out first as a customer.But beware. Some top network marketing companies are absolute scams and fakes, so a good track record is a vital criteria when doing your due diligence. However, even the most honest, ethical home business opportunities need close inspection but on a different basis.Here’s what you need to examine even in the top network marketing companies: its system of education.Will you get properly trained and educated in business success?To really understand the potency of any company’s education programme, you should take advantage of any free training materials or seminars that are offered. Many are offered through the internet so you can immerse yourself in the community and get to know the people you would be partnering with.Many top network marketing companies use out-dated, traditional modes of advertising, including knocking on doors, handing out flyers or working your friends and family contacts or cold calling bought leads. That’s recipe for failure or at best burnout. To spot the real gem of an opportunity, make sure they are capable of educating you in the latest online marketing methods, and preferably those that are working right now, not yesterday’s trend or gadget. Nearly all top network marketing companies will train you to ‘sell’: at best to find people who are predisposed; at worst, to buy leads or cold call, and even worse than that to hassle your friends and family and anyone that breathes, basically. This is old school and totally inappropriate for today’s social networking culture.In today’s information age, the internet if used properly can provide a ready source of highly targeted leads for your business. Why would you throw your net wide and hope for the best? With the right system, you can drive the herd and attract the most interested ‘hyper-responsive’ prospects into a sales funnel that does most of the sifting and sorting for you, on autopilot while you sleep. In researching top network marketing companies, therefore, make sure you hunt down what I’d call ” transformational education” programme. It’s only when you develop the mindset of success and the discipline of being a leader that the true life-changing experience happens. Then the money comes and the dream lifestyle becomes a reality.Bring together marketing education, an automated system and transformational personal development and you have hunted down a clear winner.

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Jay Allyson is an experienced online entrepreneur and home business coach. She helps people get out of MLM burnout and find success through effective internet marketing.To find out my personal choice from hundreds of top network marketing companies and to develop your own skills as a professional internet marketing, click here:

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