Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How to Choose The Best Network Marketing Team

Article by Rachel Jackson

Ask Eric Wehneimayer the secret to his success. He’ll reply: “I surrounded myself with the best team there was.” Why is this so unique? Eric is the only blind man that has ever climb Mt Everest as well as the highest peaks all around the world.

Network Marketing is identical. You must surround yourself with the best team there is. But how do you go about choosing the best network marketing team?

Here’s a simple list, some basic criteria, to think about and can be assessed to see if you’ve found the team that is right for you.

1. Energy

Pay attention to the energy behind the voice of whoever you’re talking to. Are they energetic? What’s your gut reaction to this person? Are they friendly, caring, good natured, sincere? A good leader cares more about you and your success, and it’s not just about money.

Surrounding yourself with positive people will undoubtably help you succeed in this industry. Positive attracts positive. People will migrate to what is positive as opposed to negative.

Make a list of things you DON’T want to be around. Is your team leader(s) pushy? Do they seem desperate? Negative? Shy? Do they lack sincerity and humbleness?

The best network marketing teams are fully of leadership, confidence, passion and likability. Maybe you’re lacking in these qualities. Find the best network marketing team that exudes this and develop them yourself. When your team has a well balanced amount of personalities you will be able to connect with each other much more effectively.

2. Teaching

Pay close attention to what your new team is teaching you. If you feel that you are going to grow, learn and expand yourself from them… then it’s probably a good fit. If you feel that it’s like an old tape recorder, same old same old, you’ve heard it before – probably time to PASS.

Network Marketing is Personal Development wrapped around a product or service. It’s all about growth. This business is about building and nurturing relationships and when you grow as a person, you have more value to offer others in your perspective.

3. Support

The best network marketing teams will offer support, guidance and leadership. Are they available to you via phone, skype or email? Do they have leadership development calls, training calls, or product launch webinars? How much of an active role are they taking with their team. Ask these questions!

4. Marketing Systems

This is truly an area where most network marketing teams fail. Why do only 2% of network marketers succeed beyond their wildest dreams? The truth is because they don’t go into this industry thinking that it’s a REAL business which requires real business tactics.

Most successful network marketers master one thing: The Art of Marketing. How to consistently get in front of qualified prospects for your product, service, or opportunity.

A majority of individuals don’t have a large warm market, and eventually (whether 5 weeks or 5 months) all warm markets will be exhausted.

To find out if this is the best network marketing team for you: Ask them about what their marketing plan is. What do they have in place for all different types of people who want to join?

Trust yourself and your instincts. Don’t be afraid to ask what this team has to offer you! Actively search, then get started and learn how to CRUSH it in this industry.

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