Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Any ideas for generating leads for a Network Marketing Business?

Question by sscor57: Any ideas for generating leads for a Network Marketing Business?
New technology based Network Marketing business. Leads must have a computer and be computer savy.

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Answer by lapatskiy
Hello! I thought this question on Yahoo! Answers might be interesting to you. I am American bussiness man i work in company called pharmanex network marketing. I worked here for 3 months my first check was $ 800.00 secound was $ 5.000 and third was $ 10.000 my job is to sit at home and get money so i would like to offer you this company lots of people i mailed they think this is spam but its not if you go to yahoo search and type pharmanex you’ll see a lot of web sites for more information about it. Please go to www.mysuperscanner.com/val and go to tour. Thanks if you have any questions please email me lap_val@yahoo.com

Hint if your in a company that can’t prove that their product work well that company is nothin. Well pharmanex is a company that can prove you if that doesent work you get 90% of all your money back. By the way i have friends in quixtar they made $ 10.00 well my bro was their with his wife they got the same now my bro his in pharmanex well big differebce he told my his check that he got for 3 months $ 13.000 i can even scan and email to you if you want so after that i signed up now my first check is $ 700.00. Thanks hope it helps.

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