Friday, June 24, 2011

What do all the Top Network Marketing Companies Have in Common?

Article by Brian Garvin & Jeff West

The first thing to realize is that the top marketing companies are on the top because they do have things in common with each other that put them up there in the winners circle. There are not too many accidents anymore, not in successful Top Network Marketing Companies.

The Top Network Marketing Companies have product lines that need to be distributed. They all need independent home based distributors to sell the product lines and create downlines for themselves of other distributors.

These top MLM companies have succeeded at building many successful distributors for their businesses. Each distributor is mentored to seek out other like minded independent distributors for their own downlines, etc. This is what creates the company network.

These Top Network Marketing Companies have all put themselves in positions to reach thousands of prospects daily. These are individuals looking at ways to make money working online from home.

Today, more than ever before, millions of people are looking online for opportunities to work from home. Many individuals are looking more and more at MLM opportunities available on the Internet. Smart network marketing firms target these opportunity seekers in a variety of ways.

These prospects are reached by email ads, click-thru banner type ads, telephone lists and several other ways. It is by the shear volume of prospects being contacted daily that helps these companies recruit distributors and grow. The successful Top Network Marketing Companies have the recruiting down to a business, yielding results that is a tried and true formula for them.

These companies that are on top also have something else in common. They are focused on recruiting prospects that are targeted, then cultivated. These companies have a very good idea when they contact a prospective distributor for their product that the individual is interested in the products being offered.

Another commonality among Top Network Marketing Companies is they have structured compensation plans to offer their independent home based distributors that work well in the industry. These structured plans are usually offering very solid residual income opportunities to the distributors that are willing to put in the time and resources to achieve success.

Top MLM companies offer their new recruits a solid support system, giving them all of the resources necessary to learn the business from the ground up.

The top successful companies not only provide support from sponsor hands on learning, but also from the company directly. Teleconferencing, company events and company bonus incentives are but a few ways MLM company support is offered.

Most of the top MLM companies are successful by providing good solid network business model platforms to grow their businesses from.

Top MLM businesses are like fine tuned machines. All areas of their businesses run smoothly within their structures that helps them to grow and expand easily without having to revamp their working structures every few years.

The very successful network companies put their independent distributors as the highest asset they have. They know full well their companies would not be successful if it was not for their network of distributors.

Successful companies ensure their network has happy distributors motivated to seize the business opportunities and run with them. This is ultimately what is common with the Top Network Marketing Companies.

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