Monday, June 20, 2011

Is mlm network marketing lead a scam?

Question by El Cid: Is mlm network marketing lead a scam?
I am ready to join Internet MLM marketing lead program, and create my own list, but is this a Scam?, how much is going to cost me?, what kind of leads am I going to get ?, I heard that from 1000 sign ups only 2 are good prospects, is that true?

Any experience?
Some of my searches send me to consider this article

But I am still with more questions about how this system really works.

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Answer by vikings_mb
Network Marketing itself is not a scam. The company that you sign up with, is what you need to know about first. How long have they been in business? What is their product? And how much do I need to sign up?

As for cost, each company is different, and some make you use your own leads. As in sign up 2 friends who in turn sign up two friends, and your line increases that way. If you have to pay for leads I would be extremely cautious!

Good Luck in whatever you do.

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