Monday, June 27, 2011

Be A Gem To Top Network Marketing Companies

Article by Terez Dunn

Most top network marketing companies brim with the same advantage: they earn exponentially through having thousands of people working underneath. As what you have learned in your previous readings about network marketing, the profit lies upon how much people are being recruited to sell the parent company’s products or to recruit other people (which also entails profit for the individual). Basically, the most important asset of top networking companies are the people they have.

If you are a manager, a higher-up, what should you do? How should you behave so that you will maintain good PR with your colleagues? How about your subordinates? Come on, convince those top network marketing companies that they have to combat over you.


When you have already people working for you, remember that your success is theirs too (especially in top network marketing companies). You have to be constantly nice to them, praise them when they’ve done something good, and most of all, incentivize them when they surpass a certain standard. They have to feel that you care for them more than a boss who earns from them. They you should be like a friend to them. Hang out with them after work; ask how their children are doing. These seem like small things but they build up a really good foundation for loyalty and motivation.

Also, if there’s something that they’ve done wrong, talk to them about it. Do not embarrass them. If you must criticize them, do it constructively and if possible, affectionately. Top network marketing companies operate with strict ethics. People = value.


So let’s say you are a boss. That’s true for some people. If you are in the middle of the network company’s hierarchical triangle, you also have your bosses. Coordinate with them. It doesn’t mean that because you’re already earning a lot, that you have the moral right to forget them. Thank them. Remind them constantly how they have helped you (although it’s truer vice versa). The bottom line is, there will only be a handful that will succeed. Or if everyone does, not everyone will succeed in the same way and speed.

If there are problems, do not hesitate to talk to them about it also. They may look very busy but really, they will listen to you. This is especially true if you are a front-liner. You are out there. You experience the cruelty and the wonders of the world. They will listen.


Sure, you are usually out. This is the perfect time to be mindful of how other networking companies tactically do their recruitment. If you must, also study the other agents’ techniques. It is a battle for people! It is a battle for networks! Be sensitive to what lures people. It’s your first task—drawing people in. Once you’re done with that, you can go on to motivating them to STAY in your network.

You may need help from every networking company’s friend: the internet. If you have a website, or at least a blog, update it often. It’s a good way to be heard and be heard well.

Being a really good people-manager entails a lot of interpersonal skills. Working for top network marketing companies REQUIRES a lot of interpersonal skills. Be a gem for these chart-toppers. Be the best network manager.

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